Time and Talents Needed

Are you able to offer your time or talents to help support Holy Trinity.

Areas in which we need help are:

  • Garden Maintenance, weeding, lawn mowing etc.
  • Church Maintenance, painting

Need - Partners in Prayer

Prayer has been central to the life of Holy Trinity since its inception in 1822. It remains central to its success today and we are blessed by many people who regularly hold Madeira, its community and their needs in prayer.

Can we invite you to hold Madeira and the work of Holy Trinity in your prayers as a Partner in Prayer? A number of our regular visitors have already pledged to do so and we value that commitment greatly. If you feel able and are led to pray for Madeira; praying that others on the island or those visiting will come know of the love of God through Jesus Christ then please let us know? If you will email the chaplain at htcchaplain@gmail.com he will be pleased to mail you periodically with topical issues that would benefit from your prayers.