Bicentenary Appeal

Please help us to raise 200,000 fighting fund for repairs and refurbishment of our Church and Cemetery Chapel as we prepare for our bicentenary in 2022.

We are launching this appeal now in 2017 because it was 200 years ago this year that the British Community was built around the property and a large hole was dug in the centre into which a "pin-stone" was set. It is believed that it was into this stone that Consul Veitch laid Napoleon's Louis D'Or! 

The Community at that stage did not have sufficient funds to take the work any further, but they set out in faith and built the church in stages as money was raised. By 1822 the church was able to open for worship, but it took another few years before it was finally consecrated. 

An architectural survey has highlighted important structural issues that we must deal with as well as a total refurbishment. We will of course be seeking funding assistance to carry out this work, but we will need matching funding- hence this appeal.

This year we will hold 2 dinners to publicise our appeal, to invite support for our efforts and to celebrate our presence in Funchal. Holy Trinity Church as been at the centre of life here for a very long time, but is is also a favourite gathering point for tourists and "swallows" alike, who come to worship and to gather for fellowship. We are inviting everyone who as a connection with this place to join us and make whatever contribution you feel able to make.

Book a place for dinner at the House of Lords on Thursday 8th June (75) or in Funchal on 25th November. Raise some funds for us with a party of your own, or make a donation. Contact holytrinity.chaplain@email.com.