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Support team of clergy

If you are a regular visitor to Madeira and are an ordained Anglican Priest, we are looking to build up a support team of clergy to robe up and assist at the Sunday services, preach, con-celebrate etc. This is not holiday cover when the Chaplain is away but a support network to assist in celebrating the Holy Eucharist. If you are interested please contact the Chaplain Fthr. Michael Jarman.

Refurbishment of the Church

The church is currently undergoing a refurbishment of its interior. This is involving a total restoration of the original wooden flooring and also replacing the pew seating with 'church chairs' as well as the redecoration the walls and ceilings.

We have been assured that the flooring will respond very well to restoration however many of the pews are in poor condition with visible damage by termites, hence the decision to seek alternative seating. After in depth research and much deliberation we have finally selected the new seating. The cost of the manufacturing and shipping of each chair to Madeira from mainland Portugal is 185.00 euros In order to replace the majority of the main pews we are ordering 150 new chairs. Allowing for a contingency sum for unexpected expenditure the total overall costs for the interior refurbishment is 70,000 euros.

We are hoping that our regular worshippers and friends will generously support our proposals. We would very much welcome donations so that we can meet our target to raise 70,000 euros. The proposal is that for every donation of 200 / 200 pounds or more, the benefactor's name, if they wish, will be added to a board which will be permanently displayed in the church upon completion of the works. Names can be for current family members or in memory of someone you loved.

There are various methods by which donations can be made and details of these - together with the instructions for each, and details of how you can increase your donation by 25% via UK Gift Aid (if you are a UK Taxpayer) at no cost to yourself - are shown on the form below.

Form for Donations

Become a Friend

Join our growing band of Friends of Holy Trinity, whereby for a yearly donation of 20 pounds or more we will send you a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of activities in the church. Should you wish to become a friend of Holy Trinity Funchal, please complete the forms and send to Jean - shallomhouse@freeuk.co.uk.

Download our Friends Form (PDF)