Special provisions for the service on the 7th June at Holy Trinity

Dear friends,

As you know we are planning our first service at the church since the lockdown, for Trinity Sunday, the 7th June.

To conform to C. of E. and government requirements, it will be necessary to observe the following procedures:-

Please bring your own writing implement(either a pen or pencil) so that you can register your name and contact details in the book provided. We are trying to avoid sharing articles.

We will be printing a service sheet which we would like you to take home with you and bring each subsequent week you attend a service. If you are asked to read a passage of scripture, the readings will be available as previously, but we would ask that you take the reading home with you.

Those of you who plan to attend the service and need to park your car at the back of the church, could you please arrive not later than 10.40 a.m. It is a possible option that parts of the internal road network within the church may be needed for the service.

Sadly at this stage we will not be providing fellowship and light refreshments at the end of the service. Please therefore leave at the end of the service, but it does mean you can double park at the back of the church.

Particular procedures, which will be very straight forward, to enable us to safely conduct the service will be explained on the day.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible on the 7th June.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Fthr. Michael Jarman Chaplain