A Prayer for Advent

With Advent starting on Sunday I would like every one of us to pray the following prayer to be prayed every day at 6.00 p.m. during Advent. Hopefully it will both create a feeling of unity and also reinforce the power of prayer. If this message could be sent to Friends on line and also members of the church on the Electoral list

. Heavenly Father, in the midst of a troubled world,

  you are light and life. Send us your healing for those who are ill, 

  your strength for those who are suffering,

  your compassion for those who grieve, 

  and your courage for those who work for the healing and service of others.

 Bless our nation and the nations of the world with the life-giving spirit of your love,

 and grant us your mercy, revealed in Jesus Christ your Son.


 With my prayers and blessings 

 Fthr. Michael