Music Events

Sunday Blue Danube Concert

A professional group of instrumentalists with vocal accompaniment play a selection of popular classics and songs from the shows, directed from the piano by music director Andras Hennel. No concerts during August. 

Every Sunday at  6.30 p.m. for 1 hour.

Monday Concert - Solo Receitals

Violin, Cello and Piano Bach, Paganini, Bruch and Gershwin

Every Monday at 6pm
Entrance: €12.50 at the door

Tuesday String Concert (Violin and Guitar)

Jazz Program - Ellington, Armstrong, Cole and others
Featuring Andréi and Olga Ladéichikov and Alex Evmenkin

Every Tuesday at 6pm
Entrance: €12.50 at the door

Wednesday Fado Concert

Featuring Marian Malho (Fado Singer), Marco Abrantes (guitar), Luís Gonzaga (Portuguese Guitar)

Every Wednesday at 6pm
Entrance: €12.50 at the door

Thursday Orchestra Quartet Classical Concert

Every Thursday at  6 p.m.starting 20th February, 2017.
Pahelbel, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven

Entrance: €12.50 at the door

Friday Orchestra Quartet Rock Concert

Riverdance, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Coldplay

Every Friday at 6pm
Entrance €12.50 at the door

Saturday - 6.30pm

Saxophone and Piano concert

See the poster for the saxophone concert on our blog siteDaily concerts at Holy Trinity