The church and grounds are open from 09.00 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday and from 07.45 am to 2.00 pm (plus any special events) on Saturday and Sundays. Many people come simply to sit and enjoy their beauty or to light a candle and to offer a prayer.

Regular services are as follows:

  • Wednesday 10.30 am - Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel.
    The service follows the Common Worship Order and is followed by coffee in the parish rooms.
  • Thursday is reserved for prayer and study 10am until 4pm. From 10am quiet prayer. From 2pm Bible Study (changeable)
  • Sunday 08.00 am - Holy Communion The service follows the Book of Common Prayer
  • 11.00 am - Parish Communion (Common Worship)
    People who are regular communicants in their own churches are invited to receive the sacrament with us or to come forward for a blessing.

For details of special services please view our Special Services page.

Our Sunday morning Parish Communion is the main service of the week and is attended by the largest congregation, so we pull out the stops - literally! This is the one service of the week where our resident organist, Dr Melvin Bird, performs his wonders - we are extremely fortunate to have a man of his skill and dedication on the Island.

On Sunday morning we have a stall offering books to read, preserves, cards for almost all occasions, items made from Madeiran wood made by one of our members and many other items. This is not the norm to have outside a church, but on a holiday island it works! After the service we have a reception where we invite you to sample two of the specialities of the island: a glass of Madeira wine or a slice of bolo de mel, the delicious honey cake, or simply to have a cup of coffee and a chat. We make a small charge for the reception.

Our congregation is directly proportional to the number of English-speaking tourists visiting Madeira at any one time, and these visitors are cyclical: our numbers start at 70 - 80 during June, July and August, pick up during autumn and early spring and peak at Easter. We realize that we are extremely fortunate to have congregations of our size - 70 is a bad week! - and are particularly pleased to record that our numbers have remained steady over the last few years. For instance in 2014 attendance on Easter Sunday was 206; some Sundays in February this year we have already seen congregations of over 200 with the ground floor of the church was packed solid. On very special occasions we have had to bring the upper gallery into play. Marvellous!