Supper Night with film "The Conspirators"

When: Sat 21st Mar 20

Where: Holy Trinity Rooms / Holy Trinity Library


  • €12.50

The supper night for March is Saturday 21 March 2020. All are welcome to attend this social event; we serve a 2 course meal at 6.30 followed by a film. Names to Jean Faulkner at shallomhouse@freeuk.co.uk by Wednesday previous if possible. Cost is 12.50 euros with a cash bar available. Tonight's film is 'The Conspirator'. Tonight we are back to food which will put you in American historical conspiratorial mood. We have Jambalaya with rice and beans followed by Alpha Janes for pud. Treat yourself to a glass of wine. Then sit back and prepare to engage in exciting historical drama.


A delightful entertainment presentation of an historically important event, the trial of the only female conspirator involved in Lincoln's assassination. Tense, dramatic and intriguing with solid performances from all the cast not least by James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Tom Wilkinson and Kevin Kline.

Final note, as we have to pre-order the food if you cancel sorry but we will have to ask you to pay! 
Supper Night - March 2020